Getting noticed

Man it’s tough getting a little attention for some shareware.  That’s probably my fault and it’s not like I wasn’t warned about it, like years ago.  For example, I wanted to be a writer at one time and my grandma told me that it was a really tough field to get noticed in.  She bought me a book about marketing novels to the world and the thing I really remember was that it said there are 2 kinds of writers, one that writes a book and then goes to find agents and book publishers to publish them, the second is one that finds what needs to be written and seeks a contract before writing the whole thing.  The lesson was that the latter makes the consistent money. When I take on new self-created projects, I’m usually in the former category.  I dream up something and then get running on it, sometimes without realizing what a huge dump of time and energy it is going to be.

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