Providing healthcare insurance

Most people that I talk to are really concerned about providing their own health care.  All right, healthcare is expensive, but if you have your own corporation healthcare is a tax deduction. If you are a sole proprietor or LLC, then you can deduct some, and if you can’t charge enough to pay for you healthcare, then get a job for god’s sake, don’t be a contract programmer.  From looking at the labor situation over at Catepiller, it looks like a companies are starting to really gripe about paying for employee healthcare and employees are opting for steep pay cuts to keep it. I don’t get it.  I have lots of friends that go to the doctor once a year and to the dentist twice a year and maybe need a couple of pills or some antibiotics once in a while.  As far as I can tell, most of them could just pay cash for that and move on.  I mean if they are really worried about being wiped out with a major bill, then I’d suggested catastrophic healthcare coverage.  

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