The SOX Noose Tightens

So there’s a new manager here that is trying to acclimate us to his way of doing things.  For the most part, I get along pretty well with him because we both worked for Accenture a while back, although not together.  But I also know, which others might not, that successful Accenture people are really motivated by climbing the ladder of success and are trained through the “up or out” methodology whereby you either achieve the next level after a certain timeframe or you are asked to move along. 

I had a mixed review at Accenture myself, the year that I was expecting to get to the next level.  It pissed me off, and I had also recently been offered a new job.  So I gave notice during the annual review that I was leaving.  Basically, I was going to turn down the other job if I got the promotion, but since I didn’t get it I moved along instead.  I’ve learned since then that I might have been a little too ready to leave, but I can’t live life regretting everything that I’ve done.

Anyway, I found out in the meeting that there are 3 groups of consultants here working on SOX compliance.  Group 1 Ernst and Young who is responsible for auditing our financial statements for the outside world.  Group 2 is from KPMG who is checking to make sure that we will pass the E&Y audit.  Finally, there are internal employees monitoring to make sure that KPMG doesn’t find out something that they don’t already know about.

Talk about a productivity drain!  Gawd, I can’t login to production without an ITG ticket logged by a user at this point.  It’s a dilemma.

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